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Our Story

Our Story A Passion for Margaritas

Most people are surprised to learn that the business of Coyote Gold Margaritas was not intentional and the business is more accidental than planned. Maureen “Mo” and Randy, two electrical engineers from Fort Collins, Colorado, share a passion for great tasting margaritas.

They tasted margaritas at every restaurant they visited, tasted every margarita recipe people shared with them, and tasted every ready-to-serve margarita on the liquor shelf:  They were greatly disappointed by nearly every restaurant and ready-to- serve margarita. Most were too sweet, too sour, or tasted like gasoline.  In the case of the ready-to-serve margaritas, most were absolutely horrible.  However, the pair found a few restaurant margaritas and several home recipes that were very good, but they were “few and far between.”

In 1998, Mo and Randy began with everything they learned from tasting hundreds of different margaritas and started their quest to develop the perfect margarita to satisfy their passion for a great margarita.  After about two years of testing on themselves and anybody who stopped at their homes, the pair developed the perfectly balanced margarita. At this point, Mo and Randy were NOT considering turning their margarita into a business as they were quite content consuming their concoction and serving it to their friends.

However, friends loved the silky, smooth recipe and dubbed it “The Microbrew of Margaritas!”  The word was out; soon the pair began receiving requests for their great-tasting margaritas for special occasions and gatherings across Colorado, including large charity and non-profit fundraisers for organizations such as the Red Cross and local hospital foundations.

For five years, the pair would purchase ingredients on behalf of loyal fans and personally make bottles of their concoction for those who asked.  For bottles, they re-used ingredient bottles as well as milk jugs and juice bottles:  Loyal fans never knew what container they would receive next.  In some cases they would make home deliveries!  Wouldn’t it be great if our margaritas were delivered just as milk is still delivered to residences?  After being urged by friends and fans to make their margaritas on a larger scale, and after STRONG suggestions from their respective spouses to find another place to make their margaritas, the pair formed Rest & Relaxation, LLC to satisfy their growing following of margarita lovers.


During a night of, what else but margarita tasting, they decided to name their product Coyote Gold.

It took a year to navigate the myriad of governmental regulations relative to the alcohol industry to acquire the requisite permits.  Then, it took another year of engineering the Coyote Gold recipe to duplicate their cherished “kitchen brew” in every way – aroma, taste, warmth, linger and the other subtle qualities of the perfect margarita.  They were also committed to creating an Authentic and All Natural product that was free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and gluten.  During this process, they learned about the shortcuts that other suppliers take when developing and producing their ready to serve margaritas and vowed NOT to take those short cuts, but rather to focus on providing a great tasting, Authentic, and All Natural margarita at a reasonable price.

In January of 2008, the Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita was introduced in Colorado to rave reviews.  Stores sold out of the product within weeks and waiting lists were created at liquor stores.

Today, Mo and Randy’s mission is to “Liberate the World from Bland Margaritas.”  Their passion for the quality and perfection of the margarita is evident in every sip of the Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita.  And of course, Maureen “Mo” and Randy personally taste and approve every production blend before it can be bottled.

About Randy

Randy was born and raised in the small town of Newell, near Rapid City and the Black Hills of South Dakota. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. He is married to Katie and they have five children: Nathan, an industrial designer, Matt, an architectural engineer, college daughters, Claire and Abby, and 9th grader, Lauren. Katie is also an entrepreneur and small business owner and currently works for an employment screening company. In his spare time, Randy rides his road bike (most of the time with Mo), spends time with his family, golfs poorly, and enjoys photography.

About Maureen “Mo”

Maureen "Mo" Schaffer was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Dayton. We should refer to her as Dr. Mo, because she later earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University. Mo is married to Bob Schaffer, and they have five children: twins Emily and Jenny, son Justin, and school-age daughters Sarah and Mary. Jenny and her husband serve in the U.S. Army. Emily has recently separated from the U.S. Air Force while her husband remains active duty. Justin also served in the US Army, and is now a banker. Bob and Maureen have founded two charter schools in Fort Collins and Bob currently serves as principal of Liberty Common High School, one of the top-ranked schools in Colorado. When Mo is not making margaritas, she loves to ride her road bike in the foothills around Fort Collins, spend time with her family, and volunteer at her daughter's school.

Colorado Gold® Margaritas are manufactured in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, CO. Our mailing address is 6419 Falcon Ridge Court, Fort Collins, CO 80525. You can reach us by calling 970-227-1455. Cheers!

21 or Over, Please Drink Responsibly and  Do NOT Drink and Drive.

Younger than 21, please don’t drink alcoholic beverages:  It can wait.

Coyote Gold® Margaritas is a responsible server.

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