Authentic Ingredients


Coyote Gold® All Natural Margaritas are handcrafted using authentic, all-natural ingredients. We start with 100% Blue Weber Agave Reposado tequila imported from Mexico. Then add our own handcrafted orange liqueur, pure fruit juice, pure cane sugar, and all natural citrus flavors. No artificial ingredients or colors are allowed. Coyote Gold® Margaritas contain no gluten.

Why Coyote Gold® is Better

Margarita lovers agree: The Coyote Gold® All Natural Margarita stands apart from all other ready-to-serve and the vast majority of restaurant margaritas. Coyote Gold’s smooth, refreshing taste, natural golden color, and rich tequila warmth is derived from the use of authentic and all natural ingredients.

Authentic margaritas are made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice.  Authentic margaritas just taste better.  Due to the higher cost of authentic ingredients other suppliers of ready-to-serve margaritas substitute with lessor ingredients or chemical concoctions derived in their laboratories.  These manufacturers will also cut costs and sacrifice taste with the use of artificial ingredients and colors, and high fructose corn syrup.

In our experience 97% of all restaurant and bar margaritas are not just bad, they are horrible.  These horrible margaritas are either too sweet, too sour or too strong and taste like gasoline.  Many restaurants and bars use cheap tequila and stomach-wrenching sweet and sour.  To add insult to injury they charge you $6.00 a drink (not including tip and tax) then an extra $2.00 or more to add an aged tequila (reposado).  These margaritas usually result in a stomachache the same day or a huge headache the next day.

We love great margaritas and were disappointed by the lack of a great tasting margaritas in liquor stores and the vast majority of restaurants and bars.  So we developed our own using only authentic and all natural ingredients.  Now, Coyote Gold® Margaritas are considered to be the best margaritas available by many across the country.


  • Color:  A margarita should be the color of its natural ingredients NOT the result of artificial color agents.  The primary ingredient in a margarita should be tequila, and, therefore, it is logical that the color of the margarita should be similar to that of the tequila.  Reposado tequilas are gold because they are aged in charred oak barrels and pick up gold color from the barrels.  Coyote Gold® Margaritas are gold in large part due to the tequila used to make Coyote Gold.  Quality margaritas are NOT bright green or fluorescent yellow.  If so, the manufacturer is trying to hide low quality ingredients or fillers.
  • Aroma:  When you open a bottle of Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita please take a moment to savor its aroma.  You will enjoy the pleasant balance of the natural scents of tequila, orange liqueur/triple sec, and citrus.
  • Legs or Fingers:  People often swirl a glass of wine and check for the legs or fingers to form down the side of the glass.  Tequila lovers do this too and measure the quality of the tequila by how long it takes for the legs to form.  The presence of the legs/fingers are indicators of quality and the alcohol content of the drink.  The Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita is the only ready to serve margarita that we have found that presents Legs/Fingers when swirled in a glass.
  • Taste:  While this would seem obvious, most manufacturers of ready-to-serve margaritas and bar/restaurant margaritas just don’t get it or just don’t care.  At Coyote Gold Margaritas our mission is to “Liberate You from Bland Margaritas” by providing the best-tasting margarita available.
  • Resonance and Linger:  We love it when a drink not only tastes great but then as the drink moves to the back of the mouth the taste and aroma linger in the mouth and resonate in the sinuses.  Make sure you sip your Coyote Gold Margarita slowly enough to enjoy the linger and resonance.  Resonance and linger are especially prominent when enjoying Coyote Gold straight up.
  • Stand Up to Ice:  “I want the end of my margarita to be so good that I want to suck the last drop out of my glass,” explains co-creator of the Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita, Maureen “Mo” Schaffer.  In our opinion it is key that a margarita taste great on the first sip, halfway through the drink, and to the last drop.  In order to accomplish this the margarita must be able to “stand up to” the ice:  As the ice melts into the drink the margarita must continue to taste great. Coyote Gold All Natural Margaritas accomplish this with a great balance of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients.


To make a great margarita, the tequila must not only taste good on its own but work well with the other ingredients.  Some tequilas taste great on their own, but don’t “play well with others” either by overpowering the other ingredients or fading away.  We tried many tequilas until we found “the one” that provided that perfect balance that we strived for.  We import a great tasting Reposado (rested or aged) tequila that has been aged for six months in oak barrels that were originally used to age whisky.  This aging process gives Coyote Gold® its beautiful gold hue and helps provide balance and its silky smooth mouth feel.  Our tequila distiller uses a secret recipe handed down for generations to create the tequila distilled from the Blue Weber Agave plant.

HANDCRAFTED orange liqueur/triple Sec

The next essential ingredient for a great margarita is orange liqueur, which contributes not only to taste but also to the aroma and to a pleasant “mouth feel.”  We handcraft our own orange liqueur by blending the natural flavor of citrus fruits, juice and pure cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup in Coyote Gold®) with a fine American grain spirit that has been distilled five times.  Just as the tequila must “play well with others,” the orange liqueur must be a good “supporting actor” by providing additional alcohol content, a hint of orange, and a pleasant mouth feel.  A good orange liqueur is also required to help the margarita “stand up to ice” so that your margarita tastes great to the last drop.


You may be asking, “Water?  I didn’t think water was an ingredient in margaritas.”  When you make a margarita at home or purchase one at a bar or restaurant the tequila and orange liqueur contain water.  Why?  Tequila straight from the distillery and the distilled spirit in our orange liqueur have much higher alcohol content than what you buy at the liquor store or at the bar.  For example,  the tequila you or a bar/restaurant purchases is 40% alcohol or 80 proof.  However, when tequila is distilled from the agave plant it comes out of the stills at 55% alcohol or 110 proof.  Water is used by the bottler of the tequila to reduce the alcohol content to a more palatable 40% or 80 proof.  We purchase thousands of gallons of tequila directly from the distillery at 55% alcohol and the raw grain spirit used to make our orange liqueur contains nearly twice as much alcohol as the end liqueur.  If the bottlers of tequila and orange liqueur, or if we used the raw alcohols “as is” your tequila, orange liqueur, and/or margarita would taste like gasoline.  Just as the bottlers of tequila and orange liqueur use water to tame the power of the raw alcohols, we also use water:  We just use better water!  Who knows where the water came from that is used in the store bought tequila:  Somewhere in Mexico or a big metropolitan water district using well water that tastes like, well, well water.  We are proud to say that our manufacturing facility is located in Fort Collins, CO where ALL of our water comes from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and Rocky Mountain water is consistently recognized as some of the best water in the United States, and possibly the world.  The water makes a difference.  Our water is one of the reasons that Coyote Gold® Margaritas are smooth and well balanced.


We are often asked what is the secret behind the silky smooth nature of Coyote Gold Margaritas. As you know from reading about the tequila and orange liqueur, it is not one secret ingredient that makes a margarita great but several high quality ingredients “playing well together.” If there is a secret to Coyote Gold Margaritas it may be the combination of the lime juice developed in our kitchens and pure fruit juice that provide a hint of tart to balance the sweet of the orange liqueur while enhancing the taste of tequila.

Colorado Gold® Margaritas are manufactured in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, CO. Our mailing address is 6419 Falcon Ridge Court, Fort Collins, CO 80525. You can reach us by calling 970-227-1455. Cheers!

21 or Over, Please Drink Responsibly and  Do NOT Drink and Drive.

Younger than 21, please don’t drink alcoholic beverages:  It can wait.

Coyote Gold® Margaritas is a responsible server.

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