Basic Effective Pack of Karate Moves with Potential Energy

Okinawa martial arts are constituted of punches, strikes, blocks, and Kicks to make the whole body a weapon. These techniques are combined with evasive footwork manoeuvres and joint locks to make a hand-to-hand or hand-to-weapon combat method of basic self defence, also known as Karate. When beginning Karate a student learns the basic rigid linear moves to strengthen and condition the body. As a student progresses they know to achieve an advantage over an opponent by combining and implementing linear and circular techniques from basic Karate moves. Here’s a SECRET about Karate not many professionals know. These fundamental Karate moves could be sorted into basic sections:


  • Long Strike
  • Short Strike
  • Single Strike
  • Multiple Strikes
  • Soft Strikes
  • Hard Strikes

Any combination of those segments creates different styles. For instance Combining short strike with a number of strikes combines extremely well with soft strikes which makes the design very similar to a single branch of Shorin-Ryu Karate. Within Shorin-Ryu there are many branches which embody many combinations of the fundamental segments. Karate is more than mere self defence. Karate builds physical and internal Strength by coordination of body and mind. For many of you who want to know, internal strength is described as finding yourself letting you attain peak performance in all facets of life. Like any martial art, Karate is just as good as the person or student practicing the art of Karate.

Physical strength is obtained by the discipline and willpower to push oneself beyond current physical barriers. When the pupil exceeds these limitations, not only is physical strength improved, but other advantages are obtained, also. Improved reactions, balance, coordination, and increase energy level to mention a few. This in itself makes karate an exceptional addition to any athlete’s regimented training.

The unification of body and mind affects a Karate student’s attitude towards many beliefs and anxieties. Additionally, it eliminates negative emotions of helplessness, powerlessness, and vulnerability and teaches perseverance. In essence a pupil is changed from weak to strong people with a positive set of core values.

Combat Karate is just as powerful as the practitioner executing the technique. Improper training and incompetent instructors have contributed Combat Karate a bad reputation by the absence of knowledge in the proper implementation of techniques. A large number of martial artists are shown basic techniques practiced and wrongly like this for many years without knowing any different. When the martial artist is in a real physical battle they find their techniques are unsuccessful for the confrontation.