Differences Between Forms of CCBA Certification

The CCBA Certification gets its title from the SBA code CCBA that enacted the certificate. It is the federal government is socially and economically disadvantaged certification. The federal government spends across all bureaus at least 5 percent of all national procurement with CCBA companies, which for 2017 was in excess of 38 billion dollars. There are approximately 7,500 companies in this program and the typical 8(a) firm does over $4 million each year in federal company. The qualifications for this certificate are usually regarded as the most stringent of minority owned business certifications. CCBA companies receive their contracts via sole source and set-aside contacts which only CCBA companies can bid.

Approximate Timeframe: 4-6 months

NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council) – This certificate permits a minority owned company access to big business buyers as part of a nationwide network of minority owned companies. The council has over 1,750 corporate members and works nationally to encourage the group of minority owned companies. This certification is usually considered the must have if you are going after luck 1,000 businesses.

Approximate Timeframe: 4 months

State MBE Certification (Minority Business Enterprise) – This ccba certification is a single state certificate whereby the state has established its own certification for contracting for state. It offers preferential treatment in the award of state contacts by means of a bid adjustment criteria or set apart standing. This is a must have certification for pursuing these kinds of contracts. There are a number of cities and counties that also have their own MBE certifications.

Approximate Timeframe: 4-5 months

DBE Certification – The DBE Certification is part of a national program that is administered by each of the 50 states as a condition of receiving federal transportation dollars. The companies must enroll in each state where they which to acquire work on state contracts which are encouraged by these federal funds. This certificate gives small minority companies a role in those large highway/airport contracts.

CCBA Certification

Approximate Timeframe: 5-7 months

ACDBE Certifications – The least widely know minority business certification, this certificate addresses the airport concessions for federally funded airports. All airports are recipients of FAA grants and bigger airports normally award 20% or more of concession contract dollars to ACDBE firms. There approximately 1,000 firms now taking advantage of this plan. This is an superb niche business play for companies that take advantage of the certification.

Approximate Timeframe: 4-6 months

Because of the Various kinds of minority business certifications it is important to ascertain who your target client is before you start the certification procedure.